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08/30/14     National Anthem at Rockland Boulders Baseball Game (Public)


09/06/14     National Anthem at Red Bulls Soccer Game (Nationally Televised)


10/17/14      Performance at Fall Performin Arts Showcase (Public)


10/25/14     Workshop with PitchSlapped, Berklee School of Music   (Private)


11/02/14     Westchester Chordsmen & The Masters School A Cappella Festival                                                                                                                             (Public)

12/14/14     Winterlight Concert at The Masters School (Public)


12/18/14     Candlelight Concert at The Masters School School    (Private)


02/07/15     ICHSA New England Semi-Finals (Public)


02/12/15     Dobbs 16 & Jazz Band Valentine's Day Concert       (Public)


04/19/15     Gilda's Club Westchester A Cappella Competition (Public)


05/17/15     Spring Choral Concert at The Masters School Theater    (Public)


5/17/15       Potluck Concert for Alums & Friends    Estherwood    (Private)

















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